School Program

ICUBE Robotics has indigenously developed a full-fledged curriculum on Robotics starting from Class – 1 to Class – 12. This curriculum on Robotics has been integrated along with Science and Mathematics syllabus taught in the schools. The children get to learn every concept taught in the class practically. The children find the new learning method more interesting as it is packaged along with a fascinating concept of Robotics.

Classical Robotics

Classical Robotics is an innovation by ICUBE Robotics. Classical Robotics involves teaching Robotics to students using the ‘Real-Time’ components like gears, pulley, motors, resistors, ICs, microchips and various other mechanical and electronic components involved in making a Robot. Many of these components used feature in the theoretical learning in the classroom and the students do get a ‘Hands-on’ experience on all these components unless they do an Engineering course. This teaching method enhances the learning among the children and also provides an opportunity for a cross-lined evaluation technique for the teachers as this course supplements the regular syllabus taught in the school.

Robotics Labs

ICUBE Robotics has taken an innovative project of setting up Robotics Laboratories inside the schools which are taking Robotics as a part of its curriculum. This is an initiative by ICUBE Robotics in promoting Robotics at the grassroots level so as to eliminate the ignorance prevalent on the subject of Robotics in India. ICUBE Robotics will invest on the entire infrastructure that is required for the setting up of the laboratory in the school ICUBE Robotics holds the privilege of setting up the first ever Robotics Laboratory within a school in India at ELITE Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Interested schools may contact us Here.

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