Competitions have always been a boon to prove ourselves. In the case of students, it plays a vital role in motivating them to perform, excel and to have a great exposure than winning a prize. This exposure helps them to gain a substantial expertise. When it comes to competitions it gives us a complete diversity of students, which in turn results in exchange of culture. The motivations they get from this exposure aid them to focus their path clearly. The only thing to maintain is to have a healthy competition. Some students may feel very sensitive which may end up in reserved nature. Participation is the only way to overcome this introvert feeling.

We came through so many schools were we scouted out so many pearls who could evenly shine under the light of robotics skills but still they couldn’t show their talents to others. They really needed some kick-start to push themselves to the edge of the cliff to start their adventure flight. We, The ICUBE ROBOTICS works with the motto “Education is not for profit, but for knowledge”, so we conducted a competition named INNOVIZ’19 for the students from different schools like Elite MHSS, SBOA, Velammal MHSS, Good Words School, Lalaji Memorial School, vel’s Estate school and Venkateshwara School.  We conducted Four Zones of Competition. First zone was Fast and furious for grade 4 and 5. Second zone was Robo-Marathon for the category of grade 6 and 7. The third Zone was Sumo Wrestling for grade 8 and 9. The last Zone was of open for all grades starting from grade 4- 9 where they have to present an innovative project.

From the very beginning of the competition we had a concern that how the rest of the children react other than the children who won some prizes, but the students just swept us of the feet by being sportive throughout the competition.  The positive nature they showed was really affectionate.

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